Brackman's Stepping Stone Rock and Garden Center, LLC

Container Gardening in Hattiesburg

container gardening in hattiesburg msWho needs a yard to garden?  From ornate urns filled with texture and color to modified garbage cans that promise bushels of tomatoes, there’s definitely a planter out there that will work for you!  At Brackman’s Stepping Stone, we enjoy container gardening just as much as we do planting in the ground.  With our unique selection of pottery, we can find a container that fits your specific purpose.

Do you ever find that you want something planted and don’t want to fool with it.  Come visit our own potting bench and let us put together the perfect container for you.  We can arrange any type of container for you, no matter what the size.  No project is too big or too small.  You can even bring in your own container and we will put it together for you.  Just give us an idea of what color and lighting type you are looking for, and sit back and relax.