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10 Basic & Essential Gardening Tools

10 Basic & Essential Gardening Tools


While you can spend hundred or even thousands of dollars on the latest gas-powered super tools for your garden, these types of tools aren’t necessary to have a fruitful garden. Today we’re going to focus on the basics and look at 10 essential gardening tools. If you are new to gardening, it maybe best to start with these tools, learn how they work best in your garden, then move up to fancier and more expensive tools.

1 ) Scissors – A simple pair of scissors will be one of the most used gardening tools in your toolkit. From snipping herbs, harvesting small vegetables, opening a bag of potting soil or a seed packet, scissors will come in handy all the time!

2 ) Water Hose – You have all the plants and vegetables that you ever wanted to grow planted, now the most important thing is keeping them healthy by watering them regularly. While an irrigation system is more optimal, gardens are often added “after-the-fact” and a simple water hose will often times get the job of watering done.

3 ) Shovel – Before you are able to plant anything in your garden, you will first need to be able to dig a nice, deep hole for them! A small garden shovel will work best here, as most of your holes won’t need to be as big as a regular hole for larger plants and shrubs.

4 ) Rake – Just like shovels, some rakes work better than others. For gardening, a shrub rake will typically work the best as they are smaller and will fit into tighter spaces than larger rakes used for removing leaves from your lawn.

5 ) Gardening Hoe – A gardening hoe can not only remove roots from the top layers of your soil, they also serve the purpose of mixing compost or fertilizer in with the top layer of soil.

6 ) Sunscreen – Being out in the sun for hours at a time on a regular basis can help with a tan, but can also lead to skin cancer. To help prevent any skin damage from UV rays, applying sunscreen before gardening is essential to staying healthy!

7 ) Pruning Shears – Like scissors, pruning shears can serve many purposes from pruning woody perenials to pruning back flowers and fruit-bearing plants. Pruning will ensure you get a healthy yield from your garden.

8 ) Wheelbarrow – If you have a large yard, carrying top soil and other heavy garden accessories can put a wear on your back. Purchasing an inexpensive wheelbarrow can make your gardening experience easier on your body and more enjoyable!

9 ) Weeding Tool – Weeds, weeds, weeds…they always seem to pop-up in your garden and if not taken care of, can choke out the flowers and vegetables that you have been working so hard to grow. A weeding tool can make getting weed of weeds much less painful.

10 ) Gloves – Nothing hurts worse than a handful of blisters. Wearing gloves while gardening can protect your hands from blisters and thistles alike. We recommend buying a pair that fit comfortably, but snugly so that your hands can still be as nimble as possible.


Do you have a favorite gardening tool? Maybe a specific type or brand that you find works the best in your garden? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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